Chapter By-Laws

Revised February 2018

ARTICLE I - Chapter Name

The name of this not-for-profit organization shall be the ALFASEEYAS Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as Chapter and FMCA.


  1. Purpose: This Chapter exists to promote social, recreational, and informational exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment and pleasurable use of Family Member Recreation Vehicles.

  2. Area/Scope: This Chapter shall be authorized to function in The International Area with a mutual interest in any Recreation Vehicle manufactured by Alfa Leisure, Inc.


  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for and to maintain Membership in the Chapter, a person must own at least 1/3 of an FMCA approved Qualifying Recreation Vehicle manufactured by Alfa Leisure, Inc, be in good standing with FMCA, and meet the dues requirement and provisions set forth in the Bylaws of this Chapter.

    Membership in this Chapter shall not be denied any person because of race, sex, religion, color, marital or family status, age, nationality, or disability.
  2. The term "Membership," is defined as either a Family Unit or an individual or individuals owning a Qualifying Recreation Vehicle who share a Membership number.
  3. The term "Member," is defined as each adult who, jointly or individually, constitutes a Membership. The voting rights of each Member are defined in the description of each category.
  4. The term "Qualifying Recreation Vehicle," is defined as a self-contained wheeled vehicle that includes permanently installed cooking, sleeping, and sanitary facilities.

  5. Dues and Fees:
    1. Annual Dues: Annual payment of Chapter and National dues enables persons to become active Members and entitled to all rights and privileges of the Chapter and FMCA. The annual dues for Membership in the Chapter shall be an amount as the Membership shall establish.
    2. Renewal: Renewal dues from Chapter Members become due and payable on each anniversary date of their original Membership.
    3. Initial Application: Application for new Membership shall be accompanied by payment of annual Chapter and National dues (unless already an FMCA member).
    4. Initiation Fee: New and reinstated Members may be required to pay an initiation fee in an amount to be established by the Chapter Membership.
    5. Arrears: Any Member whose dues remain unpaid for more than 60 days after becoming due shall be considered delinquent; after 120 days Membership is canceled.

ARTICLE IV– Officers

  1. Duties of Officers: The duties of elected officers shall be as defined in the Member and Volunteer Handbook.
  2. Terms of Office: The elected Officers of this Chapter shall serve a 2 year term of office, or until their successors are elected.
  3. Rights and Limitations:
    1. An individual FMCA Member may hold office(s) in only 1 chapter.
    2. Individual FMCA Members may hold no more than 2 offices in the same chapter.
    3. Any Member in good standing may be nominated from the floor for any elective office.
    4. Only Full Members, Full Lifetime Members, Life Members, or Honorary Members who have advanced from one of these classes have the right to hold office in this Chapter.
    5. No official or Member shall become vested of any right, title to, or interest in any Chapter property, except as required by law.
  4. Executive Board:
    1. The Officers of the Chapter shall constitute the Executive Board.
    2. The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Chapter between its Business Meetings. The Board shall be subject to the orders of the Chapter, and none of its acts shall be in conflict with the Chapter or FMCA.

ARTICLE V – Committees

  1. Appointment: Committee members and Chairperson (except Nominating Committee) shall be appointed by the President.
  2. Duties: All committees shall function within the policies of the Chapter and (except Nominating Committee) under the direction of the President. Financial reports, vouchers, and monies due the Chapter shall be submitted on a timely basis.
  3. Quorum: A Committee quorum shall be a majority.

ARTICLE VI - Chapter Administration

  1. Authority: This Chapter shall be democratically self-governed, deriving its existence and authority from the consent of its Membership assembled in Meetings or, in certain instances, by mail or email vote on stated propositions.
  2. Organization Year: The fiscal and membership year of the Chapter shall commence on July 1 and end on June 30.
  3. Chapter Meetings:
    1. Types: The term “Meeting” shall include Coach rallies, campouts, dinner meetings, and any other gatherings suitable to the function of the Chapter.
    2. Business Meetings: The Chapter must hold at least 1 Business Meeting each membership year at which a Quorum is present. Said Meeting shall be duly announced in advance to the Membership.
    3. Officer Election: The voting general Membership is to elect Chapter officers, including a President, one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a National Director, and an Alternate National Director.
    4. Quorum: A Quorum for the transaction of business at any duly-called Chapter Meeting is 25% of the Chapter Family Unit Memberships or 15 Family Unit Memberships, whichever is less.
    5. Voting: xcept as specified elsewhere in these Bylaws, a simple majority vote of Members in good standing and voting shall be required to approve or disapprove any matter.

      The Chapter has established that voting will be one vote per Family Unit.

      Balloting by mail and/or email may be undertaken when a proposed matter is voted to be of such importance or urgency that a total Membership vote is advisable.
    6. Parliamentary Process: The rules contained in the current edition of ROBERTíS RULES OF ORDER NEWLY REVISED shall govern this Chapter's proceedings to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of FMCA, and the Bylaws of this Chapter.
  4. Maintaining Affiliation: his Chapter must maintain a minimum of 15 Family Unit Memberships.

    The Chapter Secretary shall furnish to the National Office of FMCA, no later than December 31st of each year, a Membership list, a list of Chapter Officers, and assurance that a Business Meeting was held.
  5. Annual Audit: An annual audit of the Chapter’s financial books and records shall be undertaken and reported to the Membership.
  6. Application of National Constitution and Bylaws: This Chapter accepts and agrees that the Chapter Bylaws shall conform to any mandatory requirements stipulated in the Constitution and Bylaws of FMCA.


  1. Nominating Committee Composition:
    1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of not less than 3 chapter members in good standing, nominated and elected every other year by the chapter membership.
    2. Election of an individual to the Nominating Committee shall not prohibit that person from being nominated for an elected office.
  2. Nominating Committee Duties:
    1. To select one of its members as Nominating Committee Chairman.
    2. To nominate candidates for the Chapter Offices of President, one or more Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, National Director, and Alternate National Director for the new term to be presented for voting by the Chapter Membership.
    3. To obtain clear acceptance of the nominees to serve the Chapter should they be elected.
    4. To make certain that nominated candidates are Members in good standing and qualified under applicable National and Chapter Bylaws.
    5. To nominate candidates to fill vacancies that occur in elected Chapter Offices.

ARTICLE VIII - Amendment of Bylaws

  1. Mandatory Amendments: NNational Bylaw Amendments applicable to Chapter operations shall be automatically adopted by the Chapter and are not subject to a vote by the Chapter Membership.
  2. Amending Procedure: ese Bylaws may be amended by a 65% affirmative vote of the Members present and voting at a duly-called meeting, providing that prior notice of at least 30 days has been given of the proposition(s) to amend.

    Any Member of the Chapter may propose amendments to the Bylaws.

    Approved amendments to these Bylaws become effective immediately upon their adoption, or at such time as specified in the amendment.
  3. Distribution: Copies of changes, additions, amendments, or revisions to these Bylaws shall be forwarded to the National Office and to the National Area Vice President.

ARTICLE IX - Liquidation and Dissolution

  1. This chapter of the FMCA may be dissolved by a majority vote of the Chapter members. All of the remaining assets of the Chapter shall be contributed to the purpose(s) for which the Chapter is organized, or to a qualified non-profit charity or charities.
  2. Effective: February 3, 2018