Standing Rules

Revised June 2012


There will be an Initiation Fee of $10 that will be collected from new applicants in addition to the Annual Dues of $10.  A new Initiation Fee and Annual Dues will be needed to reinstate a cancelled member.

AlfaSeeYas members attending AlfaSeeYas functions must be members in good standing of FMCA and the chapter.  At the recommendation of each function wagonmaster(s), and with the approval of the chapter Executive Board, an AlfaSeeYas function may be opened to guests and non-members – who may be required to pay an additional fee.

All AlfaSeeYas function participants must attend in an RV.

There is a $10 charge if a reservation is cancelled.  If the rally has incurred non-refundable costs, these will be deducted from the refund unless there is a waiting list.

If not in conflict with the rules of the rally, members may sell goods and services during chapter rallies and gatherings, but not during an FMCA Rally unless duly registered as a vendor with FMCA.  Members offering such goods and services must first obtain rally site permission and will be fully responsible and liable for settling any disputes arising from their sales.  The AlfaSeeYas Chapter officers and/or wagon masters shall not be liable in this regard.

There will be no posting of signs or verbiage of a derogatory nature in, on, or around a member’s coach during the course of an AlfaSeeYas rally or gathering.  This will apply to all AlfaSeeYas events, including AlfaSeeYas Rallies, Pre-Rallies and FMCA Events where AlfaSeeYas are gathered together in a group in a coordinated manner.

By December 1st of each year before elections the nominating committee will seek nominees for each office who are members in good standing and will obtain written agreements to serve from each nominee selected.  Provided that there is more than one nominee for any office, balloting will be conducted to conclude by March 15th.

All votes must be cast be email, or postmarked, by a date 45 calendar days from the date of the mailing of the SeeYa Connection newsletter publishing the ballot.  All votes must be identified with a signature and coach number.  One Vote Per Coach membership in good standing with dues paid current.


Business Meetings

An election will be held during a business meeting.  During even years the election will be for the Nominating Committee, and during odd years the election will be for President, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, National Director and Alternate National Director.  Any position vacancies may be elected during either meeting.


Nominating Committee Service Team

The nominating committee shall consist of no less than 3 and no more than 5 AlfaSeeYas chapter members in good standing.  The election of the Nominating Committee shall be for a two year term and shall be held during a business meeting held in the even years.  The nominating committee shall select within themselves a chairperson.


Reimbursement for Attending National Meetings

There shall be a reimbursement from chapter funds payable to one of the following: the Chapter National Director, Alternate National Director, or Elected Designated Temporary Delegate certified to represent the Chapter by attending the National FMCA Governing Board meeting held annually.  The reimbursement shall consist of:

  1. A maximum allowance of the cost of 200 gallons for fuel expenses for which receipt(s) must be furnished. Receipts must clearly indicate both date of purchase and geographical location of purchase.

  2. If the FMCA Governing Board votes (as it did for the 2012 National Convention) to eliminate their prior practice of reimbursing the chapter representative for the standard early bird registration fee without electricity, then the chapter will reimburse the chapter representative for that fee.

  3. If the chapter representative elects to travel by means other than RV and stay in other accommodations, then the amount of reimbursement to the chapter representative will be no more than the amount of fuel that would have been used by their RV per paragraph a. above, plus no more than the amount equal to the RV registration fee per paragraph b. above.

All receipts must be presented to the Treasurer for approval within 30 days of being incurred and reimbursement will normally be made within 30 days thereafter.”


EFFECTIVE: June 15, 2012